Multiple Listing Service & Realtors

87% Of Homes In California Are Sold With A Buyer’s Agent

  • Our Multiple Listing Service is available to agents from
    San Francisco to Monterey Counties
  • We in the Bay Area live in a charmed area and the
    Peninsula is the target area for those who have made it.
  • The Peninsula consists of many types of neighborhoods
    some that have a very upscale appeal
  • Appeal and demand can change from neighborhood to
    neighborhood even street to street

Why List On the MLS?

MLS Listings reach every home. If a person is not looking
to buy they probably know someone, a family member,
friend, colleague, or neighbor who is.

Be wary of discount brokerages who don’t want to put your home
on the local MLS or only want to put it on their company MLS.

This could mean they want to sell it within their own company.
This translates into more money for them but less exposure and
money for you. Any brokerage that does not want to list your
home on the mls may not be working in your best interest.

Your property is unique!  It is important that your home
is seen by as many people as possible – On The MLS