Marketing Your Home With A Realtor

Market trends
Real estate values vary from city to city and from neighborhood to neighborhood and real estate trends are cyclical, that is, demand and prices change from one quarter to the next. A local professional realtor sees the shifts in demand long before it is in the press.

  • Is the market up /  is the market down?
  • Are there multiple offers? Cash offers?
  • Are the interest rates going up / going down?
  • Is it a seller’s market / buyer’s market?

Amenities of specific neighborhoods
As a local expert and analyst, I can work with you to meet your short term goals and help you plan for your long-term goals.

  • Schools
  • Area desirability
  • Flood area
  • Foundation concerns
  • Septic tanks

I will maximize your property’s exposure through

  • Online advertising
  • Realtor tours
  • Open houses
  • Listing on the MLS where your home will be seen by
    thousands of people in a multitude of mediums.
  • Market your home through the Keller Williams Listing
    System that reaches 900 online sites.
  • Market your home to reach a wide audience: the area (Craigslist),
    the neighborhood, the web, social media and mobile devices.

Strategic Planning For Selling Your Home
I research the recent listings for homes similar to yours that sold. The
most recent sales give the best indication of the direction of the market.

I analyze comparable homes and evaluate how attributes could affect
the pricing of your  home, such as, a level back yard – is a plus; a pool
– sometimes a  negative.

If the comparable sale information suggests that the value of homes like yours is declining, select a list price that brings attention and buyers and offers — to your home.

If comparable prices are moving up,  pricing could  be more aggressive.

It’s better to stay in the range shown by the comparables and expose the home to the widest market. Buyers, especially in the Bay Area, are very savvy and they do their homework.  Agents will look at all of the factors about a specific home to determine if the home is priced competitively. Bottom line, the market will drive the price up if it’s warranted.

Don’t rely on rumors circulating in the neighborhood about how high a home sold. Prices tend to get inflated when passed from one person to another.