Questions that you might have for me.

  • How do I prepare my house for listing?
  • What is the process like, from preparation to closing?
  •  How will buyers find me?
  • How can I easily increase the value of my home?
  • When is the right time to sell; based on my home’s market value?
  • What’s going on in my local market?
  • How does it affect me?

May I ask you?

  • What is your timeline?
  • Where are you going after the sale?
  • When would you like to be in your new home?
  • How does it feel to be selling your house?
  • How does this move affect your family?

 A strategic sales plan can work to ensure that you
recoup the maximum value for your home.

  • The main objective is broad exposure
  • Showcase your new listing in as many ways as possible.
  • We want to cast a wide net.
  • Listing syndication that broadcasts your listing.
  • Single-property websites or virtual tours are viewable worldwide.
  • Traditional print marketing that targets specific neighborhoods.
  • Open houses that lets buyers imagine themselves in the home.
  • An announcement to my database
  • Craigslist postings with eye-catching photos.
  • Social media postings that showcase your new listing, as well as create dialogue with potential leads on multiple real estate topics.

Pricing Your Home to Sell

While there are always three factors to getting a home sold—location, price, and condition—only two are under your control:  price and condition. Of the two, which is more significant? Price. Remember that price will correct a bad condition, but condition will never overcome a bad price. I will work with you to price your home competitively for the current market.

You’re in a race against time—the best price you’ll get in today’s market is the one you get when the home is new on the market. If you wait, it will be lower. And every month the price on your home decreases and your costs remain the same.

Don’t worry about where the market has been, keep your focus on where it is. The price your neighbor down the street got six months ago may not reflect the current trends in your neighborhood. I am an experienced market analyst and I will provide the data and analysis that will reflect the current trends.

Bottom line: don’t pit yourself against the market, work with the market to get the most out of your house sale.

Let’s meet and discuss the strategy that works best for you.