10 Years of Homeowner Equity

$849,971 of Equity After 10 Years of Home Ownership

$849,971 in Total Homeowner Equity 10 Years After a Home Purchase

In San Mateo County
Purchase a $1,000,000 Home

$200,000 Down Payment
$480,244 in Appreciation
$169,727 Paid on Principle
Total Equity $849,971

Mortgage Payment for a $800,000 loanĀ $3600
vs Rental Rate = $4000

For a homeowner, property taxes
and mortgage interest are deductible.
Consult your CPA.

Sell the Home for $1,480,244. (Conservative Appreciation)
$480,244 capital gains = All of which is exempt.
$500,000 capital gains for a married couple.

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